Abstractómbola, 1997
5 light boxes, backlight print
35,4” x 27,5” x 7,8” (each)

Abstractómbola is comprised by 5 light boxes that display an image of a Mandelbrot fractal, a very complex and colorful geometric figure related to chaos theory where every part holds a representation of the whole. We can say that a live organism such as the human body resembles a fractal. If we take any part of the body (no matter how big or how small,) the indispensable genetic information to reproduce or clone the entire body will be there. The same experience happens with a fractal, but from a mathematical point of view.

If the viewers take a look at the dark area of these fractals, they will find a poem. The series start with an image that makes reference to the visual quality of poetry. The next 4 poems placed on each light box were written combining natural languages (Spanish-English) and programming language (batch, basic, assembler and hexadecimal code). The progression between the 5 fractals shows an increase of the dark area akin to the linguistic intricacy of the poems. As a result, the last poem is almost unintelligible because of the employed programming code. In this sense, the work can be understood as a metaphor of how of the evolution of technology influences our language, the communication processes and the notion of poetry at the present time.

The poems displayed in Abstractómbola continue the sequence initiated in Poliverso Andróctono (1997).

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