Atari Poethree, 2006
Atari 2600, Atari cartridges, TVs
70" x 80" x 20"

Atari Poethree is an installation operated by an Atari 2600. It displays a poem on 3 TV monitors. The poem was written in Spanish by the artist, and encoded in a self-manufactured Atari cartridge. The source code was developed employing binary codes and machine language. Also, the text presented on the screens continuously changes its color. The poem reads: “volátil como la piel de un ofidio / escapo de mi nombre para escapar / del sonido que me aprisiona” (transient as the skin of an ophidian / i escape from my name / to escape from the sound that imprisons me.)

Atari Poethree extends the exploration on video games started by the artist 1985. The game console is employed to show a very peculiar way to write/program and display poetry. Due to the important role of Atari on the advance of many technological concepts and devices, the use of this machine transcends the sense of nostalgia, coming into view as a powerful and meaningful icon of an everlasting era.

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