ChavezCandanga, 2013
Computer, custom software, Internet

ChavezCandanga is an interactive real-time visualization system started by Yucef Merhi on March 6, 2013. The web project shows all the tweets left by late President Hugo Chávez (@chavezcandanga), as well as current tweets published by users and news media from all over the world. The displayed data is related to both Chávez and Venezuela. Some of the hashtags include #Chavez, #HugoChavez, and #Venezuela.

Venezuela’s late President Hugo Chávez was particularly attracted to inform about his activities, thoughts and moods, via Twitter. During his lifetime, Mr. Chavez sent 1824 tweets. He frequently used Twitter to communicate with his cabinet, cheer people and consolidate followers.

By using an aesthetic procedure called datagram, the information is randomly placed on the screen. Red color sentences dissolve after a few seconds, leaving a temporary imprint on a red background. The impressive and emotive messages suggest that Chávez remains alive on the cyberspace, while new hashtags such as #GuardiaDeHonor, #HastaSiempreComandante, and #ChavezViveLaLuchaSigue, keep being added on a daily basis. The end result resembles a timeless dialogue between Chavez and the people who name him, evoke him, and remember him.

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