Digital Digits: SoH-o-matic 1.1, 2002
Wristwatch camera, computer, custom software, Internet

Digital Digits is a digital time capsule created with the prototype of the first wristwatch camera. Using this device, the artist photographed the streets, stores and people who lived and visited SoHo (New York) in 2002. Then, all the pictures recorded were compiled as sequences and classified by streets. The final product was presented through interactive modules created in Flash, enabling users to go forward and backward while watching these distinctive moving images.

Digital Digits : SoHomatic 1.1 continues Merhi's exploration in the use of alternative devices to translate the physical world into a genuine digital representation. Besides expanding and enriching the scope of moving images, Digital Digits shows the direction technology is taking today. Unlike traditional digital cameras, which capture high-resolution pictures of several megabytes; the images recorded and stored by this peculiar wristwatch seem to be designed specially for the Web, allowing people to experience large sequences of moving images in a short period of time. Digital Digits : SoHomatic 1.1 was commissioned by Eyebeam.

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