Encuentre las 10 diferencias, 2009-2013
2 TVs, cable connection, paper sign
Computer, custom software, Internet

Encuentre las 10 diferencias (Find 10 differences) was initially comprised by television sets and a paper sign. One of the screens displayed live programming from Venezolana de Television (VTV), the Venezuelan government-ruled TV broadcast. The other screen showed live programming from Globovisión, the private opposition broadcast company. Both TVs were separated by a sign with a printed sentence that said Encuentre las 10 diferencias (Find 10 differences.) When the installation was first exhibited, Venezolana de Television had a clear agenda in favor of the policies and actions of the current government, while the other channel broadcasted opposition-oriented news. VTV and Globovisión were mandatory references to the Venezuelan audience. On one side, VTV only transmitted news in favor of the policies and actions of the current government, while the other channel showcased the antithesis to any gesture performed by late President Hugo Chávez.

The installation was fed by the content produced by media; offering on realtime the meeting of two opposite speeches; revealing two angles that are nothing but the same image of the unfortunate division of Venezuela due to a political circumstance.


In 2013, Merhi turned the installation into a web project. Soon after, Globovisión was sold to a new group of investors and the TV station initiated a mass layoff of its news anchors, becoming a "neutral" news channel. The new agenda gave to Maduro's government more media control, pushing the Venezuelan opposition to increase the use of social networks as information distribution channels.

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