Facial Poetry, 2014
3 laptops, custom software, video projectors
Dimensions variable

Facial Poetry is a playful multiuser installation where facial gestures are transformed into hundreds of transient poems. The work is comprised by 3 computers and video projectors. The computers run custom software programmed by the artist which recognizes facial gestures (i.e. smiles, eyebrow movements, etc.), and pairs them with verses. The reading of all the verses -also written by Merhi- convey an articulate poem.

When visitors access the installation area, the computers detect their presence and identify a specific facial gesture through the embedded cameras. For example, if someone's eyebrows go up, the top bar goes up and a verse is displayed on the screen. Moving the eyebrows changes the calculated pixel values. Then, the new values are replaced with new sentences. The reading of the 3 generated sentences, marked with red, green and blue colors, becomes a well-structured poem.

People of all ages are invited to perform and explore their own facial gestures. The resulting text is projected on the walls, enabling other viewers to read the ever-changing poems.

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