Micrologos, 2000
3 videoscopes, microscope slides, microscopic poetry
11” x 8,6” x 7” (each)

Micrologos is a sculptural installation consisting of 3 microscope slides within 3 stylish videoscopes (microscopes with screens.) Each videoscope projects a microscopic poem, written by Merhi, juxtaposed over blood and body tissues of the artist. The appearance of these objects resembles the first iMac designs, while the poems depict a body in decomposition; for instance, “dead tired / I rest in the most profound silence / while huge ants / devour the heart / that once belonged to me.”

The organic relationship between man and words addressed in this work has been mentioned and analyzed in biblical, philosophical, and literary texts. Octavio Paz, Nobel Prize in Literature, wrote that “Man cannot be separated from words. Without words man is incomprehensible. Man is a being of words.” Likewise, J.M Briceño Guerrero, Venezuelan philosopher and National Prize in Literature, said in one of his books: “With words I was engendered and given birth. With words I was breast-fed.”

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