Poliverso Andróctono, 1997
Bathroom cabinets, drugs, poetry
23,6” x 16,5” x 5,9” (each)

Poliverso Andróctono (1997) is a participatory installation consisting of bathroom cabinets filled with drugs and poems. Each cabinet contains a poem that can be read when the glass door is open. The poems were written by Merhi in the mid-90s. They refer to the relationship between the poet and death, a theme that has remained prevalent in Yucef's work as a writer. Boxes of antidepressants, sedatives and barbiturates, such as Prozac, Lexotanil, Seconal, Lexapro, Demerol, and so on, fill the shelves of the bathroom cabinets. The drugs were obtained from hospitals, private clinics, and friends.

The title, Poliverso Andróctono, stems from the combination of the words poly, indicative of plurality and verse; as well as the words androgynous and autochthonous. The interaction between the viewer's reflection, the poem, and the drugs, transcends the conventions of poetry's traditional format. Three of these independent cabinets are in the permanent collection of the Alejandro Otero Museum, located in Caracas.

Collection: FMN / Museo Alejandro Otero, Caracas, Venezuela.

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