3 metal boxes, glass, vinyl
8,5” x 9,5” x 2,5” (each module)

Poliverso (or Poliverse) is a figure of speech created by Merhi in which a single word can unfold a structured sentence. It is based on a mathematical sequence known as the Fibonacci Sequence. Also, as a literary technique, it is based on constrained writing. Other forms of constrained writing are palindromes, lipograms, anagrams, etc. A word can be identified as a poliverso when it is broken down into linguistic signs and the new sequence of words forms a sentence. For example: ANALYSIS. When the word ANALYSYS is divided using this procedure, the verse AN ANAL ANALYSIS is obtained.
The Fibonacci Sequence has been employed by notable artists, architects and musicians, including Da Vinci, Dürer, Bach, and Debussy, among others, but never was used for literary purposes. The presence of this sequence in nature is not only abundant but also inherent to every natural being and phenomenon.

By taking 3 glass sheets printed with words that form a Poliverso, placed in a metal box, Merhi accomplishes a minimal visual effect that unifies or fragments the sentence; depending of the angle where the spectator observes the work. When the viewer stands in front of the work, single words can be read. However, when the viewer slightly moves to the right, each word breaks into 3 different words, allowing him/her to read a complete sentence. A poem created using several Poliversos is also called Poliverso.

Collection: Private

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