WhiteonWhite.net, 1996-2003
Computer, custom software, Internet

WhiteonWhite.net is a dynamic representation of the white on white concept inspired by Duchamp and conceived by Malevich in 1918. When users enter this project, they see a blank screen. The screen randomly changes every 7 seconds. Each new screen contains a different meaning of the word white. There are 20 individual denotations and 1 global definition --represented by the page number 0, which gives a total of 21 (a Fibonacci number). One of the attributes of this work is that all the definitions have been placed in white color using < font color="#FFFFFF" >. In this way, all the meanings stay invisible unless the user looks at the code or highlights the white text.

With this digital version of White on White‚ Merhi is proposing a poetic and Heraclitean reading of what we call white. White as something that is in permanent change while it keeps static; a paradox that is solved when the significant and the meaning are the same.

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