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by A.S. Berman, Assistant Technology Editor 

Explore the fun side of space with this collection of fully interactive activities. Build your own comet, go on a cosmic photo safari, dive into a black hole, shuffle through solar system trading cards, and more.

Nearly 60 years after John F. Kennedy's PT boat was torpedoed by a Japanese destroyer, famed explorer Robert Ballard has located the wreckage. Check out extensive video and audio clips, photo galleries from this historic expedition, all courtesy of NationalGeographic.com.
The Eighties Club invites you to journey back to a (relatively) simpler time when our greatest concern was who shot J.R., our toughest challenge the Rubik's Cube, and we all had a hankering for MTV. Enjoy detailed reminisces of films, music and television of the era, as well as an '80s encyclopedia.


Armed with a wristwatch camera, Flash software, and several poetic fragments, Yucef Merhi has created Poetic Dialogues, a sort of online iteration of the Beat poetry slams of the '50s and '60s. With every mouse click, three faces establish a poetic dialogue between themselves. 
Sure, the games you could file under 'Fun with Goldfish' could be counted on one hand, but this research project slaps one more onto that list. Never mind the science involved, the end result is that visitors to this site can control the direction in which this goldfish swims .