Artbox, 2000
Plexiglas box with 18 modular installations
4,5” x 2,6” x 2,6”

The Artbox consists of a rectangular Plexiglas box which contains 18 modular works enclosed in small Plexiglas boxes of different colors. This work emerged with the intention of capturing the Zeitgeist or spirit of the times, driving the creation of a portable and playable museum based in the most relevant cultural icons of the year 2000. Some of these works are informed by the economy (the crash of the stock market); cinema (the premier of the new Star Wars movie), religion (the rise of Kabbalah); computer and health (the parallelism between organic viruses and their cure through technology); national security (the FBI ‘most wanted fugitives’), etc.

Every piece involves a semantic game between the significant and its meaning; between the object and its description, placed on the top of each translucent box. All the works included in the ArtBox are interactive, functioning as installations, sculptural interventions, or performances.

Collection: Private.
Edition: 10

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