Justicia, 2003
Atari 2600 Jr., Atari cartridge, 19 TV sets
Dimensions variable

Justicia (Justice) is an installation conformed by 19 television sets, a custom Atari cartridge, and an Atari 2600 Jr. The Atari game console belonged to Jesus Merhi, cousin of the artist, who was killed during the Venezuelan protest of April 11, 2002. After analyzing the planimetry (measurement of distances) of the 19 people shoot and killed during the march, the artist decided to represent each person with a TV. In this sense, Merhi built a route that emulates the geographic space where the bloody shooting happened. All the TV sets were connected in parallel to the Atari. Likewise, the content was transmitted simultaneously to each one of the monitors. The word "JUSTICIA" or Justice was continuously displayed on this closed-circuit television (CCTV) network.

Justicia investigates fundamental properties that define the political behavior in Venezuela. Television has been a battlefield between the President and its opponents, a key element in the success and failure of the so badly "revolution". Lets remember that Lieutenant Colonel, Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías, managed to get himself known as a result of a televised appearance he made in February 4, 1992. That same day, and as a result of the failed coup led by Chávez 19 people died, just like April 11, 2002.

Any human being in his right mind will agree with the importance of justice, known as "one of the four cardinal virtues." Consequently, the project exposes a common universal yearning to any time and space, beyond any political or ideological affiliation, since we all deserve justice.

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