Osmelatados, 1998
48 food cans, digital prints
4,5” x 3” x 3” (each)

Osmelatados is a series of 48 food cans (plus 3 recent ones) that portray all the winners of the 'Miss Venezuela' beauty pageant since the beginning of the contest until 1997 (and later extended to the year 2000). On the front of each can, there is the photograph, name and year of the woman that won the crown of the 'Miss Venezuela'. On the back, there are the ‘ingredients’ of the winner females, showing the measurement, eyes and hair color, zodiac sign and hobbies.

Osmelatados is a product that alludes to Osmel Sousa, a collaborator of the Venezuelan Beauty Committee since 1969 and president of the Miss Venezuela Organization since 1981. Osmelatados was the first major documentation made in relation to the famous Venezuelan pageant.

Collection: Fundación Mercantil, Caracas, Venezuela.

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