Soulless Security, 2017
Intercepted data on paper
Dimensions variable

Soulless Security is an installation in which the full names and identity numbers of the officials of the PNB (Bolivarian National Police of Venezuela) are displayed. The data was hacked from the PNB’s Intranet and reveals the identity of those who became one of the greatest obstacles to restore democracy in Venezuela.
The data is presented using a spatial ordering system initiated by the artist in 1998, known as datagram, a term coined from the basic protocol of data transfer on the Internet. Some of the works that employ the datagram structure include Security (1998), Minimum Security (2006), Divine Security (2010), and Interior Security (2016), among others.

Once the data is intercepted, the information is laser printed and organized using a mathematical-geometric pattern that fills the exhibition support with a dense textual mass. The result becomes an abstract landscape, an image that dialogues with a tradition initiated by Venezuelan artists during the 1950s. At the same time, Soulless Security highlights the act of hacking as an instrument for art production

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