The Holy Land, 2001
Satin flag, 2 books, serial cable, barbed wire
118” x 118”

The Holy Land is an installation bounded by two fences of barbed wire. At the entrance, a couple of books rest on 2 platforms contained by glass boxes. These books are the ‘Torah’ and the ‘Koran’, foundations of Judaism and Islam. From the cover of both books it emerges a computer serial port. Then, a serial cable covered with barbed wire goes from the inside of the two glass boxes and connects the sacred books, restricting the access to the inner space. At the end of the room, placed in the front wall, there is a satin flag, a hybrid between the Israel flag and the Lebanon flag.

The Holy Land alludes to the virtual space that has been in perpetual conflict for several thousands of years. At the same time, it is a metaphor of how technology can set a boundary instead of unifying, by connecting the roots of these cultures, and limiting the entrance to the utopian answer which is hybridization.

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