Wikiljana, 2016
Data on Plexiglas mounted on wood
12” x 12” x 5”

Wikiljana deals with Slovenian history, informatics, language and visual poetry. It takes advantage of traditional and experimental printmaking techniques developed in conjunction with the MGLC, located in Ljubliana.

The piece was made out of 6 transparent sheets of Plexiglas, arranged inside of a white box of 30 x 30 cm. Each layer has readable data printed in a unique color (magenta, blue, green, red, yellow and black).

As the title suggests, the displayed data was obtained from Wikileaks and it is comprised by diplomatic cables regarding Slovenia, especially Ljubljana. Most of the information was classified and sent to American intelligence agencies. The colorful content was arranged using a system developed in the late 90s known as datagram, in which data is scattered using a geometric pattern.

The result can be seen as a semantic landscape, a landscape that unveils the correspondence of our time and the secrets that flow through the cloud.

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